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"How To Become A Local Expert And Attract New Patients With YouTube..." 

Discover How A Camera-Shy Introverted Chiropractor Leveraged YouTube To  Get 146 New Patients And Add $193,581 In Collections While Gaining
 96,422 Subscribers And  7.4 Million Views

Discover How I Harnessed YouTube To Get 146 New Patients Into My Office And Added $193,581 In Collections While Growing My Channel To Over 96,422 Subscribers And  7.4 Million Views

From: Dr. Walter Salubro
Vaughan, Ontario

Hey Doc...YouTube may seem like the most unlikely place to get new patients and yet is one of the most powerful sources that lead people looking for health care information online today.

YouTube has the potential to bring in new patients on autopilot, without spending money with ads or being tech savvy. 

You can be an average person that doesn't know anything about video editing and still manage to get more new patients from YouTube than most doctors by only committing 6 hours per month!

I'll explain more about that in a moment. But first, let me ask you...

Has this ever happened to you?

You uploaded some videos on YouTube, you know you gave great value, but they are not getting discovered or watched?

Or, maybe you have been thinking about creating YouTube videos but were afraid to get in front of the camera, or felt overwhelmed by everything even before starting.


If you can just get your message in front of more people, then it will help them discover who you are and what you do for their community as a chiropractor!
YouTube is the largest, most popular video hosting platform and the second largest search engine but optimizing it for views, subscribers, and growth can seem like a daunting task for chiropractors.
YouTube is the largest, most popular video hosting platform and the second largest search engine but optimizing it for views, subscribers, and growth can seem like a daunting task for chiropractors.
So, you are thinking about making a video to show people useful information...

Maybe to share self-helps tips like stretches and exercises...

Or you explain a health problem with a tutorial style video...

Or you film a patient testimonial...

You want to show them what chiropractic is about and what it can do for them...

Whatever your PASSION is...

Hoping that if you upload your video on YouTube, that tons of people will watch it.

But unfortunately, not too many people find your video or even watch it...

Have you ever thought?
"If I Can't Get Views, Subscribers, Or
 Consistent Growth On My YouTube Channel... 
"If I Can't Get Views, Subscribers, Or
 Consistent Growth On My YouTube Channel... 
My name is Walter Salubro. I'm a chiropractor in Vaughan, Ontario and the producer of the new online course, Chiro Creator YouTube Academy

In 2013, I uploaded my first video on YouTube. It was a montage of photos showcasing my office. To this day, it only got 272 views. I cringe every time I look at it. It got no real traction and no subscribers. It was a disaster.

But, I knew YouTube was the place to be where I could position myself as an expert. 

So, I kept at it...

A month later, I uploaded my second video. This time it was an explainer video where I talked about posture. I knew there was more value in this video than simply a montage of still photos. 

I was nervous, stiff, and it took me over 2 hours to film a 4 minute and 23 second video. In the end, the video turned out great.

Except, it only got 628 views, total. No traction. No subscribers.

I thought, "Maybe I need to upload more videos"...

So, I made more videos...

Some were slide presentations. Some were product reviews. Some were tips and strategies. Some were demonstration videos.

Video after video, still only a few views and no subscribers.

After 5 years and 45 video uploads later, my channel gained a mere 139 subscribers (that's 2.4 subscribers per month) and 59,700 views (that's 33.8 views/day). 
A lot of work for such little gain...

I knew I needed a game plan to my grow my YouTube channel but I didn't have one.

I was so frustrated...

I was tired of having my YouTube channel turn into a place where I just parked my videos and no one was watching them.

But I didn't want to give up on YouTube...

I truly wanted to give lots of value to lots of people but I needed more people to find my videos and actually watch them. Can you relate to this?

Then one night, I had an idea...

I decided to start studying and learning how to make my channel better by seeing what other successful YouTubers were doing.

It struck me...

I realized I had to learn how to do YouTube differently. I had to be smarter about it.

The first thing I noticed was that my channel didn't have a brand...

And, my videos didn't have a consistent look and feel.

So, I spent the next few days rebranding my channel.

All I did was create a consistent branded look with my channel art and my existing videos. I changed the banner and almost every thumbnail.

And what happened next took me by surprise...

With that simple change alone my subscribers grew by 5x (697) and I gained 1.4x more views (81,600), in only 6 months.
I had MORE gain in these 6 months on my channel than I did in the previous 5 years. WOW!

My YouTube channel finally started to gain momentum.

I started to see an upward swing.

I knew I was on to something...

So, I kept creating and uploading more videos.

This time, I began trying new things...

I tested out different ways to optimize my videos, like the titles, the descriptions, and even the metatags. 

I also started to discover new ways of coming up with keywords for my videos...

Not just any keywords. Keywords that people were actually SEARCHING FOR.

Then, I started to make more videos based on the keywords that people were searching for.

Using these strategies, I made a couple of disc bulge videos that started to gain traction.

More and more people were subscribing to my channel on a daily basis because of these two new videos.

That's when I decided to double down on these two videos and create another disc bulge video. 
I applied the same video optimization strategies I discovered.

And then it happened...

I hit a grand slam home run...

This third disc bulge video started to gain massive traction in a short period of time.

And in 1 month my channel gained 1,800 subscribers, 133,400 views, and 6,400 hours of watch time.
I was thrilled!!! 

And that's when I realized I finally had a SYSTEM.

But I had to put it to the test. I had one great month.

Could these results be reproduces? I wondered.

Could I make new videos and keep gaining views and subscribers.

So I created and uploaded more videos and I applied all my new optimization strategies.

What happened in the next 7 months blew my mind. 

My channel gained an additional 14,700 subscribers, 1.1 million views, and 60,400 hours of watch time.

I knew, then, that I had a YouTube game plan that was reproducible.

Just when I thought things couldn't be any more exciting, the most amazing thing happened.

I was getting a lot of comments on my videos. But I noticed something really interesting.

The people who were leaving comments were from countries far away from my country, Canada. 

I was getting a lot of viewers from countries like India and Pakistan.

Having put all this work and time into making my YouTube channel finally work, I was hoping that people in my local town of Vaughan, Ontario would see my videos. 

After all, as a chiropractor, the best way to change someone's life is by having them under care.

I didn't let that bother me because I was thrilled that my channel was finally getting noticed, subscribers were growing, and my videos were getting watched.

Until this happened...

One day, the phone rang at my office. My front desk assistant answered it. It was a new patient who wanted to book an appointment. 

A typical call, right? No way. This one was different.

When my front desk assistant asked the new patient who referred him to our office, this is what he said...

"I saw the doctor's video on YouTube about disc bulges and I want to come see him"...

I was floored...

I accomplished what I thought was impossible with YouTube...

Someone from my local town saw one of my YouTube videos, found it valuable enough to take action, called my office, and booked an appointment.


That's when I realized that YouTube, which is the largest global video platform online, can be optimized in a way to actually reach more people LOCALLY.

Week after week this happened over and over again. 

You see, as I was learning to optimize my videos for search results, views, subscribers, and watch time, I was quietly testing out ways for my YouTube videos to be discovered locally as well.

And it worked.

YouTube has been a game changer for my practice over the last 2 plus years and it can be the same for you. 

Many docs have asked me how to do this, how to optimize YouTube for growth and to be discovered locally.

Sometimes an inquiry would lead to a thirty minute conversation and one time even up to three hours. 

I was okay with that because I love to help others.

It's been on my heart to compile all my best strategies into one place as a resource for chiropractors but I have been very reluctant to do so. 

My focus has always been on my practice and taking care of people. 

YouTube has allowed me to do more of that and reach more people than I can ever imagine. 

Recently, I uploaded a video at 10am. I drove to my office. 

At 11am I answered the phone and it was a local man who saw the video I just posted. He requested to book an appointment and get checked.

That was the seventh person who called me in the last 14 days from watching my YouTube videos. 

To date, I have booked 146 new patients who found me on YouTube without spending a dollar on ads. 

And...this has generated an additional  $193,581 in collections from new patients referred straight from my YouTube videos.

There are some days where call after call are from local people who found me on YouTube and want to schedule and appointment. 

When this started happening more frequently, I quickly saw the potential YouTube has in acquiring and booking new patients in my practice.

These new patients often report higher levels of trust and confidence because they have watched many videos I've posted on YouTube.

That's the power of video and what YouTube can do for you when used correctly.

The most common thing I hear these new patients tell me is, "Doctor, I saw your videos on YouTube. You know what you are talking about. I know you can help me."

By using YouTube, you can establish yourself as the preeminent authority and expert in your town. You just need to have a winning game plan!

And I am going to give you access to my winning YouTube game plan today.

I have spent hundreds of hours learning and mastering YouTube over the past two years.

At the time of writing this web page, my channel has grown to 96,422 subscribers

It has reached growth of up to 107 subscribers a day

That's massive YouTube growth for a local chiropractor. 

It has amassed 7,468,291 views...

383,415 hours of watch time (that's 43.7 years watched) and...


My most popular video has 2,993,297 views

Plus, these metrics are growing every day!!!

Imagine What Would Happen To Your Practice If Your YouTube Channel Got Millions of Views, Thousands of Subscribers, Hundred Thousand Hours of Watch Time, And Was Being Discovered Locally?
Imagine What Would Happen To Your Practice If Your YouTube Channel Got Millions of Views, Thousands of Subscribers, Hundred Thousand Hours of Watch Time, And Was Being Discovered Locally?
You'd be famous, your practice would expand and you'd become an authority in the eyes of others.
You'd be famous, your practice would expand and you'd become an authority in the eyes of others.
Because more and more docs have asked me how to do this, I decided to put all my best strategies into one online course. 

This training will you optimize and grow your YouTube channel so you can position yourself as a local expert and also start acquiring new patients on autopilot straight from your YouTube videos.
I spent over two years compiling all my best video optimization strategies and secrets and I poured them all into this new online course called:
Chiro Creator YouTube Academy
Video optimization strategies that focus on BOTH channel growth plus LOCAL REACH is the key to YouTube success and acquiring new patients locally from YouTube.

And that's exactly what Chiro Creator YouTube Academy is designed to do.

Chiro Creator YouTube Academy is designed by a chiropractor for a chiropractor and it is the ONLY course out there that shows you exactly how to optimize videos for BOTH growth (views, watch time, subscribers) and for getting discovered locally on YouTube by prospective new patients.

This course is designed to save you time and get you results fast.

What took me over two years to figure out, you can master it in one month.

How do I know? Because I outlined this course in such a way to give you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step implementation strategy and GAME PLAN.

Any doc, regardless if you are new to YouTube or already have a YouTube channel, can begin applying these strategies and steps immediately so you can start getting traction with your videos.

Regardless of your practice style, whether its rehab, family practice, acute care, corrective care, sports injury, you can create videos in any niche you are passionate about and these optimizations secrets will help your videos get more views and grow your subscribers.

Regardless of your tech experience or lack thereof, you will be able to create professional videos on topics that people are already searching for.

And, all this with a time investment of only 2 to 3 hours per week. 

YouTube is great but it's also complicated and overwhelming for a busy chiropractor to learn on their own. 

This is where I can help you with Chiro Creator YouTube Academy.

Inside Chiro Creator YouTube Academy, I will teach you how to streamline your YouTube channel and video content, accelerate the learning curve for mastering YouTube, and gain results faster than if you figure it all out on your own.

Here's What Other Chiropractors Are Saying About Chiro Creator YouTube Academy...
Here's What Other Chiropractors Are Saying About Chiro Creator YouTube Academy...
Before Dr. Jon Saunders started with Chiro Creator YouTube Academy, he had 60 subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

He implemented the strategies taught inside the course and his channel exploded. 

Today, Dr. Saunders has over 110,000 subscribers (and growing by 300-500 subscribers a day). 

His videos are getting over 100,000 views. One of his videos got over 5 million views and another got over 1 million views

And, he's currently getting 2 to 3 new patients a week from his YouTube videos.

Dr. Craig Hindson, Ottawa ON, Says This...

Inside Of This NEW Course...
Inside Of This NEW Course...
Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You Will Discover!
Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets You Will Discover!
Inside of Chiro Creator YouTube Academy I will be sharing with you 71 strategies and secrets to help you get more views and subscribers to your YouTube channel and also be discovered locally.

Here is just a portion of what you will discover inside of Chiro Creator YouTube Academy...

         Pre-Training: Getting Started

  •  Breaking down the mystery behind YouTube's algorithm, the key secret to your entire video creation process.
  •  How to overcome the fear of getting started on YouTube.
  •  The #1 reason why most people don't start a YouTube channel and how to obliterate it for it good.
  • How to get comfortable in front of the camera and present yourself like the preeminent expert in your town and local community.
  •  How to break through the feeling of overwhelm associated with having to create consistent high caliber, high production value videos.
  • How a low techie person in business and in life can still create high quality videos and pull off a massive YouTube channel.
  • The core equipment needed to get started without investing tons of money (HINT: You can start using what you already have).
  • How to develop a winning mindset for being successful on YouTube.
  • How to grow a great YouTube channel with only a 2 to 3 hour time commitment per week.
  • The key secret to carving out your unique space on YouTube's massive global platform so you start getting discovered fast by people looking specifically for your expertise.

        Module #1:  The Foundation - Optimize Your Channel

  • How to utilize ALL of YouTube's elements to get a consistent look and feel for your video. This is CRUCIAL to keep getting noticed by more and more viewers.
  • How to brand your channel, videos, and keywords in a way that triggers YouTube's search and suggested algorithm. This is key to getting more video impressions, more views, and growing your subscribers.
  • Discover the most commonly missed YouTube hack that helps get more subscribers. This is essential but most YouTube creators have this simple feature turned off.
  • How to setup your channel defaults in a way that saves you time on every video upload.
  • Discover the BEST way to leverage your channel banner so you grow subscribers, showcase your niche, and get discovered locally. 
  • How to create functional playlists that increase the amount of time people watch your videos and stay on YouTube (this is exactly what YouTube wants).
  • The ultimate way to use your channel trailer and feature video to helps you gain more subscribers.
  •  Discover the best way for a local chiropractor to actually name their channel.

         Module #2:  Video and Content Creation

  • How to create massive video library using the Video Library Strategic Flowchart.
  • The 6 best videos for chiropractors to create.
  • Discover the secret formula for delivering information in a way that keeps people's attention.
  • How to leverage live stream videos to build a tribe on YouTube.
  • The 3 types of videos you can repurpose immediately to create new engaging content.
  • How to create more videos without actually coming up with the content yourself.
  • How to collaborate with other video creators so you can extend your reach to other audiences.
  • Discover the single most effective strategy for creative content that you know viewers actually want.
  • 5 powerful strategies for discovering endless streams of content ideas.
  • How to leverage YouTube's search algorithm to create content people are searching and craving for.
  • How to get YouTube to suggest more of your videos to viewers so you increase watch time on your channel.
  • How to get YouTube to suggest viewers of other channels to watch your videos.

         Module #3: Filming and Editing the Video

  • The best way to set up your filming location and set up your camera.
  • ​Discover an easy, step-by-step process of filming your video using the Perfect YouTube Video Script. This process is systematic and repeatable. 
  • How and when to use lighting.
  • How to use simple editing techniques to make your videos look professional and great.
  • 4 key editing techniques that keep viewers engaged and watching your videos longer.
  • ​The ideal video length that triggers YouTube to recommend your video more often (the video length SWEET SPOT).

         Module #4: Video Optimization

  • How to use the Video Optimization Strategic Flowchart to get your videos discovered, increase views, and gain more watch time.
  • A step-by-step video optimization checklist you can easily follow so nothing gets missed with each and every video upload.
  • The best video optimization strategies to grow your YouTube subscribers.
  • ​The 3 most important factors that get people to click on your videos and actually watch them.
  • ​How to create keyword-rich video titles that get your videos discovered by search.
  • ​How to choose the right title that captures people's attention to want to watch your video.
  • ​The TOP 7 strategies to research keywords and how to decide which keywords to use.
  • ​How to create videos based on keywords that people are searching for.
  • ​How to create videos that get suggested by other YouTube videos / channels.
  • ​The #1 keyword that every video title MUST have so your video gets discovered locally.
  • ​The 8 key optimization elements absolutely necessary for your making your videos and channel get discovered locally. This is how a local chiropractor can effectively target more of their local community on YouTube.
  • ​How to get your viewers to watch your other videos.
  • ​The most definitive way of determining the best time and day of the week to release (upload) your video that is specific for your channel.
  • ​Discover the 4 core keyword tags that all your videos MUST have.
  • ​How to caption your videos quickly without hiring professional help.
  • ​How to leverage video captions to gain more views, more watch time, and more subscribers.
  • ​How to use YouTube's built-in video features and elements to increase views and watch time on your other videos.
  • ​How to use the video description strategically to increase search results and get people to click on your video.
  • ​How to leverage your video description to get more views on your other videos.
  • ​How to optimize your old video uploads with simple changes in the title, description, and tags that will immediately begin to increase your views, subscribers, and watch time.
  • ​How to easily split test (A/B test) your thumbnails to see which versions get higher click-through rates and more watch time. You can use this same strategy for titles, description, and keyword tags.

         Module #5: Tools, Resources, and Outsourcing

  • How to create a production planner that is customized to your schedule and keeps you consistently uploading videos to YouTube.
  • Discover the only portions of the video creation process that you should outsource.
  • How to hire virtual assistants that provide professional services without spending big bucks.
  • ​Discover 2 key Chrome extension apps that every YouTube creator must have. They can help you with custom thumbnails, keyword research, and discovering how your video keywords are ranking on YouTube.
  • ​Discover 2 FREE online tools to help you create and analyze headlines (video titles) like a professional copywriter. These are powerful.
  • ​How to translate your video descriptions and captions into 10 different languages in under 7 minutes. This gives your videos more reach, more views, and longer watch times.
  • ​Discover a FREE online library of high-quality photos and images that you can use in your videos or on your custom thumbnails. 
  • ​How to insert audio overlays in you video and where to get these audio tracks for free.
  • ​Discover 2 great online video streaming software you can use for screen shares, interview style videos, and live streaming.
  • ​Discover 2 FREE and user-friendly online graphic design apps that you can use to make catchy and professional looking channel art (banner, thumbnails, end screens).
  • ​Discover user-friendly video editing software for both PC and Mac.

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Here's What Other Chiropractors Are Saying...
So Here's What You Are Going To Get When You Sign Up Today:
Chiro Creator YouTube Academy 
($4,997 value)
The trainings you will receive inside this course will provide you everything that you need to know to be successful at creating videos, optimizing videos, and positioning yourself as an expert on YouTube and in your local town, delivered to you with over 90 video trainings.
BONUS #1:  Perfect YouTube Video Script
($497 value)
Don't know the best way to script your videos, what to say, and how to get people to keep watching? Don't worry because the very first add-on training I have for you is the Perfect YouTube Video Script. I have spent over two years developing and perfecting this script. You will now exactly how to start your video, how to hook your viewer's attention right from the start, when to introduce yourself, when to deliver the core content, how and when to ask people to subscribe, comment, and share, and how to close out your video. You will instantly look and sound like a professional YouTuber who has been doing YouTube for years. Chiro Creator members are using this script and are already getting thousands of views on their videos.
So, Here's What You Are Going To Get So Far:
  • Chiro Creator YouTube Academy: Over 90 Video Trainings ($4,997 Value)
  • Perfect YouTube Video Script: Template & Video Training ($497 Value)
What Else Do You Need?
I really want to make sure you have everything you need to make you and your YouTube channel successful. You got the Perfect YouTube Video Script. 

What else do you need? How about having a solid strategy to promote your videos and get more traffic to your videos so you can get more views on your channel? 

How about a systematic way to respond to and manage your comments? You will start to get lots of comments and you would will need a system to management them appropriately. 

And, would you like to understand and master the YouTube analytics so you see which videos are performing great, which ones need improvement, and how to leverage this analytic data to produce better optimized videos. 

Well, I cover all of this and more in these trainings, the Parthenon Video Promotion Strategy, Mastering YouTube Analytics, and the Comment Management System, which will be included as bonuses as well.

Plus you get my Video Disclaimer, which I use on all my videos. This is a detailed and thorough disclaimer statement that tells viewers that the videos are for educational purposes only and do not take the place of professional medical advice. It will save you valuable time if you had to compile it yourself. 

And, just to be sure you are get started quickly and on the right track, I am including a bonus 30 Minute Kick-Start Coaching Call with me.

There's more... I want to make sure you get ongoing support so you have access to me whenever you ever have a question or need help with the implementation of these strategies. So, I created the Chiro Creator Facebook Support Group where you will receive additional trainings from me, updates, support, and masterminding opportunities with other Chiro Creators. This is super valuable and I will include it as a bonus as well.
Check Out All These Other Bonuses You Will Get

Bonus #2: 
Parthenon Video Promotion Strategy
Parthenon Video Promotion Strategy ($197 Value)

This training includes 10 powerful strategies for promoting and getting more views to your videos, organically, without spending one dollar on ads. You will learn how to get more reach with your videos from sources outside of YouTube, which will also help to increase video rankings.
Bonus #3:
Mastering YouTube Analytics
Mastering YouTube's Analytics ($297 Value)

Navigating through YouTube's massive array of data and analytics can be very scary. But understanding the data is super important in evaluating the performance of your videos so you can see what's working well and which videos need fine tuning. This training covers all the sections of the YouTube analytics. You will immediately become familiar with all the key parts of YouTube's analytics. And, you will know how to analyze the 3 MOST important metrics that you need to know to optimize your videos for more watch time. This training will accelerate your learning curve with YouTube Analytics because it's very confusing when you first look at it.
Bonus #4:
Comment Management System
Comment Management System ($97 Value)

Once your YouTube channel starts growing and your videos get more views, you will be getting lots and lots of comments. This is a good thing but it can become overwhelming if you don't have a system for handling your comments. This training will show you the best way to reply to comments, how to reply to health related questions, what to do with trolls and negative comments, and how to manage the comment overload.
Bonus #5:
Video Disclaimer
Video Disclaimer ($565 Value)

Although this disclaimer does not represent legal advice to you, it is the exact same disclaimer I use on all my videos to alert viewers that I am not giving medical or health advice. It prudent that all health channels and videos have a disclaimer and so should yours. That's why I am including it here. I had this disclaimer reviewed by an intellectual property lawyer years ago and $565 is exactly what I paid for that legal advice.
Bonus #6:
30 Minute Kick-Start Coaching Call
30 Minute Kick Start-Coach Call ($597 Value)

I want you to be successful right off the start. This Kick-Start Coaching call is designed to evaluate where you currently are at with YouTube channel and give you the best action steps you need to start building traction and momentum with your channel. It is a personalize coaching call with me. I will include a quick channel audit for you and tell you what changes you need to make, if any. You will get help with figuring out your niche and also guidance in creating you first video.
Bonus #7:
Private Chiro Creator Support Group
Chiro Creator Facebook Support Group ($997 Value)

This support group is exclusive only to Chiro Creator Members. The Chiro Creator Support Group is designed to give you ongoing coaching and assistance when needed. You have access to me through this support group so you can get any question answered and also help with implementation. There will be new trainings included plus course updates. And, you get to mastermind with our Chiro Creators in our private community. 

So, Here's A Recap Of Everything You Are Going To Get When You Join Chiro Creator YouTube Academy Today...

  • Chiro Creator YouTube Academy: Over 90 Video Trainings ($4,997 Value)
  • Perfect YouTube Video Script: The Template & Video Training ($497 Value)
  • ​Parthenon Video Promotion Strategy ($197 Value)
  • ​Mastering YouTube Analytics ($297 Value)
  • ​Comment Management System ($97 Value)
  • ​Video Disclaimer ($565 Value)
  • ​30 Minute Kick Start Coaching Call ($597 Value)
  • ​Private Chiro Creator Facebook Support Group ($997 Value)
Obviously, I am not going to charge you $8,244. 

Let me ask you. Let's say this was the price for the Chiro Creator YouTube Academy with all the add-on bonuses and you did pay $8,244. 

If all it did for you was save you the time and struggle to figure it all out on your own and finally give you a well-optimized YouTube channel with tons of subscribers, would it be worth it? 

If all it did was get you one pre-qualified new patient a week from YouTube, would that be worth it? Think about what your case average is. Of course it would be worth it.

And if all it did was help you share your message to thousands of people and position you as the preeminent expert in your town where new patients want to come see you because they know you care, they know you can help them, they have high trust in you, all this from watching your videos on YouTube. Would this be worth it?

Of course it would.

Prior to learning these YouTube video optimization strategies, my YouTube channel was dead and essentially non-existent, even with the 45 videos uploaded at that time. Now, I have 96,422 subscribers (and counting), 7,469,291 views, and 383,415 hours of watch time on my channel. That is massive reach for a local chiropractor. Do you agree?

And prior to learning these YouTube video optimization strategies, I thought it was virtually impossible to attract new patients in my local area from YouTube. 

Now it happens one to two times per week, with 146 new patients and $193,581 in additional revenues generated from local people finding me on YouTube so far, without spending a dollar on ads or hiring an ad agency.

And the amazing part of YouTube... It's evergreen. Which means my videos are always there working for me, growing subscribers, gaining views, and attracting new pre-qualified patients. 

All of this for $8,244, that would be totally worth it.

Because I want you to be very successful with YouTube, if you act right now, you get the Chiro Creator YouTube Academy, with all the bonuses, and much much more, for just $2,497 USD (plus taxes where).

To get this special offer, you need to click on the big blue "I'm Ready To Buy" button below and I will see you inside the private member's area.
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Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase 'Chiro Creator YouTube Academy' Today!
  •   Chiro Creator YouTube Academy                   ($4,997 Value)
  •  Perfect YouTube Video Script                             ($497 Value)
  •  Parthenon Video Promotion Strategy              ($197 Value)
  •  Mastering YouTube Analytics                              ($297 Value)
  •  Comment Management System                         ($97 Value)
  •  Video Disclaimer                                                    ($565 Value)
  • ​ 30 Minute Kick-Start Coaching Call                  ($597 Value)
  • ​ Chiro Creator Facebook Support Group          ($997 Value)
Total Value: $8,244
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much time do I need to commit to YouTube to make it successful?

You can build a successful YouTube channel on a few hours per month commitment. What matters most is to be consistent with your video uploads. Each video from planning to upload can take up to 2 to 3 hours. Knowing this time commitment, you can then decide how many videos you want to upload per month. You can build a successful YouTube channel on tw0 video uploads per month. That's about 4 to 6 hours per month.
What equipment do I need to buy to get started (camera, microphone, lights, editing software)?

You don't need fancy video making equipment to get started. In fact, you have enough to start already. You can record high quality videos with your smart phone. There's no need to buy or use high tech cameras. Today's smart phones (like iPhone and Adnroid phones) have great high resolution cameras, capture ambient light extremely well, and have super built in microphones. Also, simply using ambient or natural lighting is more then enough to get started. You can alway upgrade to lighting kits later. As for editing software. You will need that. Also, iMovie editor is free for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads). Powerdirector is a free editing software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Or, you can invest in great inexpensive editing software ranging from $200 to $400. 
Do I need any other YouTube or video training to be successful on YouTube (get more views, subscribers, and acquire new patients)?

You need no other trainings or courses. Everything you need to grow your YouTube channel and get discovered locally by prospective new patients is all found inside the Chiro Creator YouTube Academy member's area. This course will save you time, money, and help you get results faster.
I'm not very techy. How can I get this done (video editing, uploading, design, etc)?

No worries. You don't have to be tech savvy to get started and to success with video creation and YouTube. The course teaches you simple, yet powerful editing and design skills that are completely learnable, even for a low tech person. And, once you record the video, you can delegate the techie work (video editing, thumbnail design), to someone else, like your staff, your spouse, or even your high tech kid. You can also hire a virtual assistant on Fiverr for about $25 to edit yor videos. This course was designed with the low tech chiropractor in mind.
What types of chiropractic practices does this work?

This will work for virtually all types of chiropractic practices, such as wellness, acute care, corrective care, family, sports, personal injury, nutrition practices. 
How does the Satisfaction Warranty work?

If you are not satisfied with everything inside the course and the bonuses, I'll give you your money back. Just submit a refund request within 30 days to And, you still get to have access to the course.
I already have a YouTube channel. Do I need to start a new channel?

If you already have a YouTube channel you don't need to start a new channel. You can build upon your existing videos. Chiro Creator YouTube Academy will help you rebrand, redesign, and optimize your channel and current videos plus improve your new videos. Many of our current members already had a YouTube channel and implemented changes they learned in the course to help them grow their channel and get local reach.
I don't have a YouTube channel. I don't even know where to start. How will this course help me?

If you don't have a YouTube channel, no worries. You are in a unique position to get your YouTube channel started properly right off the bat. You will be avoiding many of the common mistakes chiropractors makes on their YouTube channel. This means that you will potentially get results faster because videos are being planned and optimized strategically and properly right from the start. Chiro Creator YouTube Academy was also created for the chiropractor that did not have a YouTube channel. You will get step-by-steps instructions for how to start and setup your YouTube channel and how to get your first few videos optimized and uploaded.
How long does it take to get results?

There is no way to predict your results and a lot will depend on your work ethic and implementation. YouTube is a long game. Consistent upload is key, whether it's one video a week, one video every two weeks, or two videos a month. However, once YouTube's algorithm picks up your content and more users watch your videos, your channel can start to grow quickly. It may take 6 to 9 months to get to your first 1000 subscribers. Then it can fly from there, depending on your niche, your topics, and the amount of interest on your topics. Even though it could take 6 to 9 months to get to 1000 subs, I have seen other Chiro Creator members start booking new patients from their YouTube video a lot sooner. Sometimes, weeks after they uploaded their first few videos. 
Do I get lifetime access?

You get unlimited access to all the whole program and all trainings inside the Member's Area. You also get exclusive training updates and upgrades. You can review all the trainings and make use of all the resources for as long as you want.
What type of support to I get?

Feel free to contact for technical support or other questions. For support on course implementation and strategies, you will get access to our private Facebook Group. In this support group, I will answer your question and also post exclusive new training content and tips.

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